Huntsville Town Notices

Planning Commission Regular Meeting Notice

 To discuss the following items:

1-Jennifer Sorensen: Request for subdivision. (7458 E. 100 S.)
(Jack Davis property)
2-Richard Sorensen: Presentation of Concept Development Plan. (7400 E. 200 S.)

3-Larel Parkinson: Discussion about possible road to his property.

4-Discussion and/or action on proposed Building Permit Waiver.

5-Discussion and review of proposed CH-1 zone to accommodate Hotel/Motels and    Inns.

6-Review Allowable Use Table as it relates to the proposed Commercial Hotel Zone.

All interested parties are invited to attend.

2017 Town Elections:

Huntsville Town Municipal Elections will be held November 7, 2017, the following positions will become vacant and need to be filled.

Ø  Four-year term for Huntsville Town Mayor
Ø  Two,  four-year terms for Huntsville Town Council Members

Laws have been changed and anyone interested in
running for a position on the Town Council will need to
file a Declaration of Candidacy in order to be on the
2017 ballot. The filing period is June 1, 2017-June 7,
2017. Filing must be done in person at the Huntsville
Town Hall. Please contact Gail Ahlstrom 801-745-3420.
If you do NOT fill this form out, you will not be placed
on the ballot.
Nominees will still be nominated during our Nominating Conventions.
Nominating Conventions will be held in August to nominate new candidates to fill these vacancies.
Candidates much be a registered voter of Huntsville Town, and have resided within the Huntsville Town
boundaries for a minimum of 12 consecutive months.

For questions or concerns about the upcoming elections please contact Gail Ahlstrom @