For traffic flow reasons, Huntsville will NOT be charging an entrance fee or distributing Vouchers this year.  There is no parking allowed out on Highway 39, around the Huntsville Park or LDS Church parking lot, due to the Race, Parade, and Booth vendors. Do not drive around barricades, tape or cones. Cars without a permit in these areas will be ticketed.  Please show the utmost respect for Huntsville residents homes.  Do not park in their driveways, or on their lawns, damaging their sprinklers.  When parking on the streets please park perpendicular to the road on the town verge areas that are NOT part of a residents front yard. This will allow many more cars to be parked than if you park parallel to the road. There are many of these areas around town, in front of fenced fields.

TIP: It is safer, kinder, easier and healthier to park farther away.

(parking on the streets in our “No Parking Zones” between 7300 E. and 6700 E. will be allowed on the 4th of July only as long as it is done properly and respectfully)


Please leave your dogs and cats home.  There are no animals allowed on Huntsville park year round.  With large crowds, sanitation and allergies become a liability. There will be an enforcement officer on site that will ticket you $100.  Please make other arrangements for your animals and do not leave them in a hot car.


Sign up for the Patriotic Fun Run! Dress up in your wildest patriotic outfit for this race!  Prizes for speed and for the best patriotic outfit. See more details on the website!


Sign-up on the Website today for your last chance to participate in the parade. Decorate your cars, floats, bikes, etc… Parade Watchers: If you are reserving spots on July 3rd, do not block the South side of the Huntsville park as the booth vendors will be driving in under the trees.  If you reserve a spot on the south side of the park, do so on the South side of the street.  If vendors need to come in and you have blocked the way, your belongings will be moved by a town official and placed in the Southwest Bowery. As always, Huntsville Town is not responsible for items left unattended. The park will be patrolled all night.


We still have a few spots left to join our inaugural Decathlon. $10 sign up fee payable at the stage after the Parade. 2 Adults 20 and up, Two teens 13-19 and 1 child 12 & under.  Immediate Family or Extended Family.   Games will be a flashback from the past. 

Some examples are: Water-balloon Toss, Sawing a Log, Gunny sac race, Pie eating contest, Pennies and Spoons, 3-legged race, Hula Hoop & stick race, Tug-O-War, Ping Pong Sponge etc…

Contact Wendy at or call (801) 791-3001.


There will be announcements around Noon to 2:00pm to come and join a free old-fashioned race or game: hoops and sticks, gunny sack, three-legged, Ping Pong Sponge, tug-o-war, balloon toss, Needle in the Haystack etc… Most of these games will be held in the middle of the park.  Just look for the signs. Don’t be shy! Come and join the fun!


This year we are holding our first ever Lawn Mower Derby! Please call Larel Parkinson for details and to sign up.  (801) 791-1113


Because we will not be charging an entrance fee, we are asking for donations for the Fireworks which are very expensive.  Please donate to the Box on the stage, and at the Ice Shack! The amount collected will determine what kind of a show we will have next year!


Meet Huntsville’s 2018 Grand Marshalls

Preston and Shirley Jackson

Preston and Shirley Jackson were married in Manti, Utah in October 1945.  Within four days of their marriage, Preston reported to Camp Hood for Military Service.  He was sent to Italy to try to keep the peace between the Italians and the Yugoslavians at the end of World War II.

In 1956, with six children in tow, they moved to Huntsville to help build the Huntsville LDS church building.  This beautiful building burned down about 10 years after completion.

In 1957, Preston was hired on at the Forest Service.  He maintained areas from Mantua to Monte Cristo, mostly focusing on our beautiful valley and surrounding areas.  He was instrumental in developing several campgrounds including the Anderson Cove campground.  It was nicknamed “Out-house Flats.” because for many years all that was visible were the outhouses.  With all of the trees that he helped plant, it has become a beautiful area.

In 1959, Preston started building the home that he and Shirley have lived in these past 59 years. They added four more children to their family in these years, raising 10 children in Huntsville.

Shirley started working for the IRS in 1964.  She was also a member of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers.  She volunteered at the Aldous cabin, and also at the DUP museum in Ogden.  She spent several years helping out with the Huntsville Independence Day Celebration.

After retiring from the Forest Service, Preston started working for Huntsville town, where he plowed snow, repaired broken water meters when they froze, filled in the ditches, dug graves and helped bury many of the great valley people.  He also helped move and restore the Aldous cabin that occupies the NE corner of the Town Square.

Preston and Shirley are honored and humbled by the opportunity to be the Huntsville Grand Marshalls.  They love America. they love Huntsville and they love the people of Huntsville and are glad to be a part of this great community!

Schedule of Events


  • The number of Families who may participate in the Huntsville Decathlon is limited to the 3-hour time limit available.  First come first served.  Sign up by calling Wendy at (801) 791-3001 or sending an email to
  • In memory of the beloved Huntsville 4th Waterslide, this year we bring you the 42 foot high Blue Crush!! We double-dog dare you to ride it!
  • Due to wet weather this season, our Pickleball courts will not be finished in time for the 4th of July Tournaments.


Join our Parade with your whole family! Get out the bikes and streamers, join the Lawn Mower Brigade or Rock an awesome Family float!!

Independence Day Celebration



4th Fish Pond  DSC_0023  


July 4th Volunteers are Needed!

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