flower gardenHuntsville was founded in 1860 by Jefferson Hunt. It is one of three small communities comprising what is known as “Ogden Valley,” and is the only incorporated town of the three, incorporated in 1924; the other two communities are Eden and Liberty. Huntsville is located twelve miles east of Ogden City up Ogden Canyon. Its elevation is just under 5,000 feet. At the south west end of the valley, a shimmering man-made lake Pineview forms a mirror for the mountains above. Learn more about Huntsville and its history here.

Population Facts As of the 2012 census, 612 people, 218 households, and 174 families reside in the town.

Mayor and Town Council
A mayor and four council members are elected at-large with staggered terms.

Current Mayor:
Jim Truett

Current Council Members:
Max Ferre
Wendy McKay
Bill Wangsgard
Blake Bingham

Past Mayors and Councilmen
To view a list of Huntsville past Mayors and Councilmen click here.

Sons and Daughters of the Utah Pioneers
Huntsville is rich in Pioneer history including the men and women who trekked into the valley…
To link to Daughters of the Utah Pioneers or Sons of the Utah Pioneers web site click on the logo:

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Daughters of the Utah pioneers


Sons of the Utah Pioneers







For an overview of Huntsville Town’s General Plan please click the link below


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