Town Council Rep: Wendy McKay

The Town of Huntsville welcomes and encourages businesses within its community. Much of our local business is made up of small, locally-owned home occupation businesses. The Town’s current Business License Ordinance indicates the requirements and any restrictions in the operation of a home occupation business, as well as other types of businesses.

Prior to applying for a Huntsville Town Business License, an individual should contact the State of Utah to ensure that all state-mandated requirements have been met. Go to, where you should find all of the information that you need. You may also contact the State at 1-877-526-3994. Business license information is generally considered a public record, although business owners may choose not to have their information printed in the Town’s newsletter or on the Web Site.

Completed Business License Applications, including the appropriate fee, should be returned to the Town of Huntsville for processing. Depending on the type of business, an inspection by the Town’s Building Official may be necessary. Home occupation business licenses are valid until the end of the calendar year, at which time Renewal Applications are automatically mailed to the business owner. Questions about the business licensing process should be directed to Council Rep. Wendy McKay.

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