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Potable Water Source Project

Preliminary Engineering Services for Huntsville Town Wastewater Treatment Feasibility Study

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Huntsville Water System

USU student Briant H. Jacobs has done a very informative study about Huntsville’s water system. To view his report click on this link:

Amendments to the 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act required the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop new rules, which include the Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule. More information and links on the Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule can be found at

Because of the new EPA rules, the State of Utah conducted assessments of springs across the state to determine if they were under the influence of surface water. It was determined that at least one of Huntsville Town’s springs was vulnerable to the influence of surface water. Although Huntsville Town had been chlorinating the drinking water for many years, additional treatment (filtration) was required to meet the new drinking water requirements.

Plans for a new drinking water treatment plant were submitted and a pilot-plant was operated for over a year, gathering data for state approval. The town then obtained a combination loan/grant from Rural Development at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the treatment plant was built.

Huntsville’s treatment plant is unique in the state. While most water filtration plants require 24/7 supervision, the technology and construction allow our water treatment plant to operate with minimal supervision. This approach minimizes operating costs while ensuring complete monitoring and compliance with the new regulations.

Federal regulations for public culinary water systems continue to become stricter. Regulations on the horizon include the Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule 2. It is expected that Huntsville will not have any trouble meeting this newer, stricter regulation. We are currently conducting tests in anticipation of the new rule.

Huntsville Town is very fortunate to have dedicated plant operators. Because of the plant technology and our operators, culinary water customers can be assured that the water they drink is safe and delicious.

For more information on cryptosporidium and other water borne disease agents, please click the following link:

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