Cyclekart Race

I would like to thank Kelly Wood and the "Salt City CycleKarts"  for putting on a wonderful event in Huntsville town on Saturday May 15th. 


This was the second year of the Huntsville Grand Prix and Kelly was able to gather 48 Cyclekarts from all over the country to partake in this event.

They were very well organized and made sure all drivers followed all safety protocols. The Cyclekart participants were very gracious and thanked the citizens

of Huntsville every chance they got for allowing them to be a part of our community for the day.


This event brought a lot of families to Huntsville Town, as you don’t see an event like this very often, and it really brought our community together.


Please plan on joining in next year for our 3rd annual Huntsville Grand Prix event to be held in the spring of 2022.


Again, thanks from all of us in Huntsville, and the Town Council.


Mayor Truett