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Completed Eagle Scout Projects:


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(Eagle Scout Project Application )

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Huntsville Town is concerned and actively involved in bettering the lives of its residents. A primary focus of the Town is to keep the community safe and clean. This can be accomplished through constant upgrades and improvements performed by the Town, its residents and neighbors. The nature of upgrades and improvements is a continual cycle. As one project is completed there is always something more to do. As a result, the Town of Huntsville needs your help and assistance to maintain the quality of life that we have been working hard to establish.

The Eagle Scout award is given to those individuals who can acquire and demonstrate talents in many different fields. The focus behind the Eagle Scout Project is concentrated towards developing leadership skills and providing service to a local institution or the community. Your involvement in an Eagle Scout Project will have a lasting impact on you and the members of your community.

The Town of Huntsville is anxious and excited to begin working with you on your project! We hope that you are excited as well.


The application packet will inform you how to get your project started with Huntsville Town. Please read each section below and fill out the application at the end. The application provides us with the necessary information and will help ensure that the project is started in a timely manner. Please return the completed application to the Town Hall. The exact address to the Town Hall is located on the cover of the packet.

(Eagle Scout Project Application )

Upon approval of your application, the Town of Huntsville will notify you with further information concerning the scope and details of the project.

Contacting Huntsville Town
Huntsville Town wants you to be successful at completing your project. To ensure that this happens, you will need to make contact frequently with the leader of the division your project is assisting. You will be informed of your person to contact. For general questions about the project, please contact the Town Hall or City Council. It is usually best for the town and the scout, if the scout presents the scope and details of the project to the Council at a regularly scheduled Town Council Meeting.

Funding the Project
A big portion of your Eagle project may be raising the adequate funds to complete the project. The Town of Huntsville can often provide funding for projects. However, don’t assume that Huntsville Town will fund every project. Under certain circumstances we will not be able to completely or partially fund your project. It is important to keep alternative forms of funding in mind while planning your project in case Huntsville Town cannot provide monetary assistance.

Types of Projects
Huntsville Town has many departments that can benefit from your service. There are many different types and fields to choose from. If you are struggling to think of a project, contact the Town Hall or view our website. Under certain circumstances, the Town will have a list of projects that need to be completed. For more information about potential projects please contact the Town Hall or Council.

Application Process
Please begin to plan your project and fill out your application immediately. As soon as we have the necessary information we can begin the process of your project. Please fill out the application completely. Once the application has been completed, please return it to the Town Hall or fax it to (801) 745-1792.

The Town of Huntsville appreciates your interest in bettering the community. We look forward to assisting you with your project. We hope that we can provide you with the necessary assistance to ensure your project is successful. Please contact us with any of your questions or concerns.

Please print the application and submit it to the City for approval.

(Eagle Scout Project Application )

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