To the west of the Huntsville community, surrounded by water with the view of beautiful mountains, lies a spot of ground where many of our loved ones have been laid to rest:
LaVerna Burnett Newey, “Remember My Valley”

A new feature for the Huntsville Cemetery is a link to the website “Names in Stone”
NAMES IN STONE is a unique online repository designed to help researchers find and document cemetery records AND maps. Interactive maps that show each grave’s location allow the visitor to visualize families, and fill in the missing pieces to the family puzzle. To go to Names in Stone click on the link

Sexton/Clerk: Cathy Stoker (801) 745-3721
Town Council Rep: Max Ferre

Location:Cemetery Point. Proceed west on 100 South to the end of the road. Huntsville Town Map

Hours and Access:

Drive through gate will open the Monday before Memorial Day through Memorial Day and there after will be open Tuesday & Thursday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and no weekends unless an appointment is made.
All other times please use the walk in gate which is open 365 days 24 hours a day.
For those who need to get in any other time and cannot walk from the walk in gate please call 801-745-3420 to make arrangements for the gate to be opened.

Access to the cemetery is through a Forest Service access gate, which is closed each night at 10:00 PM. During summer months, a recreational fee is charged to go beyond the gate; however, it is waived if you are visiting the cemetery.


Cemetery plots will be $450.00 per plot for Huntsville Town residents, and the internment fee will also be set at$450.00 for the opening and closing of each grave site for Huntsville Townresidents.


Cemetery plots will be $950.00 per plot for Non-Residents, and the internment fee will also be set at $550.00 for the opening
and closing of each grave site for Non-Residents.

Any purchase of a plot or transfer of aplot from a Huntsville Town resident to Non-Resident will incure a $500.00 name change fee.


Huntsville Cemetery Monument

link to Veterans Monument page…

Using one of our own, local artist Steve Johnson created a picture called “Some Gave All.” Using this picture, four sculptors were invited to submit their renderings for consideration by a committee from Huntsville Town. This committee then selected one artist to do a sculpture for us. To begin the project Steve sold prints of some of his most requested paintings at the Huntsville 4th of July. With this seed money began the process of looking for a sculptor would re-create the picture.


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