Huntsville Civil Response Team

Huntsville Town Residents, 


A few years ago, a group of Huntsville residents put a lot of work and effort into setting up the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).  Much of the town was set up into neighborhoods with each one having Neighborhood Captains who went through the CERT training.  Each neighborhood had an emergency medical/supply kit kept by the captains.  Each neighborhood also inventoried the residents within its area for talents, expertise, equipment, supplies, etc. which would be helpful during an emergency.  The town was well prepared for a possible emergency situation. 

Now, with the crazy events of 2020, numerous residents have expressed concern about updating our preparedness.  In addition to natural disasters, the possibility of civil unrest has now become a concern.  Although probably unlikely, many felt preparations should be made for this possibility also.  Meetings with some of the town council, residents, mayor, and the Weber County Sheriff’s Department led to the idea of a Huntsville United Civil Response Team.  With the support of Sheriff Arbon, and coordination with CERT, we are setting up that team now.  A mission statement of this team Is attached. 

Four committees have been setup: CERT, communications, planning and defense, and intelligence. Some of the work being done is setting up CERT areas throughout the town, with more kits and area leaders.  Our CERT trailer has been inventoried and will be updated with additional supplies.   

When we are able, we would also like to get as many as possible CERT qualified.  We also realize the importance of preparing our families and homes.  In the future we hope to send out information that may help prepare our families.   

If you would like to help and be a part of this team, contact any of the following with your email and cell phone number.   


Jim Truett                            (801) 540-2083        

Richard Sorensen             (801) 791-7004         

Bruce Ahlstrom                 (801) 791-8473         

Tommy Christie                 (801) 317-7679         

Tad Judd                              (801) 699-4777         






Huntsville United CiviL Response Team 


As citizens of the Town of Huntsville, with coordination from the Mayor, Town Council, and the Sheriff of Weber County, we have organized a Huntsville United Civil Response Team.  This team is operating in coordination with the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). The goals and objectives of this team are: 

  1. Protect the Rights and Liberties of the People of the Town of Huntsville as defined by the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution and Article I of the Utah State Constitution. 
  2. Organize, Plan, Prepare, and Train for the Protection of Life and Property of the People of the Town of Huntsville. 
  3. Plan and prepare for different possible emergencies such as natural disaster, severe weather event, public unrest, etc. 


  1. Planning and defense: Plan for the safety and defense of Huntsville with consideration of different possible emergency scenarios. These scenarios may include earthquake, flood, severe weather event, some other disaster, or possible civil unrest.  All possible scenarios should be considered. 
  2. Communications:  Establish a communications plan both for the Huntsville response team as well as the citizens of Huntsville.   This should include different forms of communication for a variety of possible situations (ie. electrical grid down, Electronics/Communications failure from a possible Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), etc.).   Establish a communications tree for quickly delivering current and necessary information. There should be a communications line for the Huntsville United Civil Response Team and well as for all the residents of Huntsville. 
  3. Intelligence: Establish a committee to monitor current national and local threats.   An early and quick response to possible threats to the town of Huntsville would be much more effective.  This may be done through news reports, monitoring social media, and other sources.  This information should be coordinated through the Weber County Sheriff’s department Real Time Crime Center (RTCC). 
  4. CERT:  Coordinate with CERT for proper response to critical emergencies and update our CERT resources and CERT Teams.  Train new people for CERT qualification.  Expand and update our neighborhood block leaders and update neighborhood block kits.