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Fiber Optic Installation


Good afternoon Huntsville Town! Earlier this year, Mayor Truett sent out a survey requesting you interest in fiber optic services. This survey was sent in the water bill. We received a high percentage of responses. Almost uniformly, the residents expressed a desire to have fiber optic services in Huntsville. At the time, two companies approached Huntsville and both negotiated agreements with Huntsville Town. The agreements allow both companies to access the easements and follow existing lines to install their equipment. The agreement also covers restoration to the areas that will be excavated.


Freedom/Liberty Broadband installed their equipment overhead following existing lines in Huntsville earlier this year. Their services are currently available. The town did not negotiate rates or connection fees. It is the hope of the town council that by providing multiple services, the services provided will be reasonable for the residents. If you are interested in their services, please contact their company.


All West Communications started installing their lines on 7700 and 7600 East today. They have worked with our town engineer on the approval of the plans and with our maintenance department on identifying lines. The fiber optic lines will be buried with existing utilities. This process should go on for several weeks and months as the weather permits. Alerts will be emailed out as the construction progresses. If you have specific questions about your specific areas, you can call the Town Hall at 801-745-3420 and we can put you in touch with the crews working in that area. If all goes well over the next two weeks, 6800 East and 6700 will begin construction in three weeks.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this new endeavor.