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Moving the Osprey Nest at I39 and 100 South


Hello Wonderful Residents!

I have had a few questions regarding the removal of the osprey nest at I39 and 100 South. Many have been looking forward to the Osprey nesting season and the return of these birds to that particular intersection. Within the last week UDOT engineers in conjunction with environmental engineers took down the nest. It was their intent to remove the nest prior to this years nesting season. 

UDOT is currently working to design and install a roundabout at that particular intersection. UDOT has been working with Huntsville Town and the property owners that surround that intersection. UDOT is planning to bring back the nest to the wetlands area, near the intersection of I39 and 100 South, as soon as the roundabout is completed. Construction is estimated to be complete in 2023. Let me know if you have any questions.

Have a wonderful week!