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Information Regarding the Selective Service


Registering with the Selective Service System has not manifested itself as a priority or isn’t perceived as a civic obligation by many of our young men ages 18-25 today. That it directly contributes to preserving our freedoms if called upon during a national emergency, is without question. Men can very easily register at https://www.sss.gov/ on their computers, iPads, phones, etc. It takes just a few seconds to register and will allow our country to know we can count on them if ever needed and sends a clear message to those who would threaten our way of life. Many young men do not know of the legal requirement to register today. Our all-volunteer military force is steadfast and in the breach every day, but then there is the big “what if…”. Please help us as a nation be prepared with our necessary registration program as the Military Selective Service Act mandates for America. The Selective Service System is our nation’s insurance policy, and we hope we can continue to count on YOU to help spread the word about us!