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July Mayor's Message


Mayor’s Message

One of the toughest jobs we have as town officials is that of Ordinance enforcement.  If we ignore a violation, then we are criticized.  When we take measures to enforce the violation, then we often offend or upset the violating party. The old cliche, "Why have an ordinance if you don’t enforce it?” is often stated.  Others have said, “I hope that this is a sign that we are actually going to start enforcing all ordinances for all people.” In short, town officials end up being the ‘bad guy’ (or gal) in almost every scenario. That said, I think all will agree that enforcement actions must be applied equally to all.

Beginning this month, we will include an ordinance education article in our monthly newsletter to refresh our residents and property owners on hot topic ordinances. We will highlight other ordinances in future months.  Our hope is that our residents will govern themselves to stay in compliance.

Related to self-governance, many complaints regarding lack of ordinance compliance come from a neighbor or neighbors. While there may be some egregious violations, you never know what issues your neighbor may be going through; be it health, family issues, or financial concerns, etc.  A neighbor with such issues may find it difficult to comply at times, and they may appreciate your help in rectifying the situation. The bottom line - we are all neighbors, and hopefully friends, so please help your neighbors out.

Thanks for your help in keeping our town quaint and beautiful.