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A tribute to Douglas Allen from Amos, Ginger, Josie, Kate and Trit


Douglas Mark Allen
July 3, 1959-October 27, 2022
Doug was born on July 3rd, 1959, in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was the best gift given to the most deserving parents, Daniel Mark and Loris Allen. Doug grew up in the majestic Ogden Valley in the beautiful town of Huntsville. He spent his childhood riding horses, camping, fishing, hunting, and fighting. Doug quickly grew large in stature and was a fierce protector of those he loved and cared for. Doug attended Valley School and Weber High School Class of 1977. He married Kathy Jensen on March 26, 1977.
Their only son, Amos came shortly after graduation and Doug became Dad; this is when his life really began. Very quickly, between the years of 1978-1984, Dad and mom were blessed with four baby girls. Ginger, Josie, Kate and Trit. 5 kids in 7 years, can you even imagine? Dad took the time to teach, coach and referee us kids. With 4 daughters, his hobbies of firearms and reloading ammunition were significantly magnified. Dad was a patriot, he loved this country, he loved the state of Utah, and he loved the town of Huntsville. Dad served the residents of Weber County for 24 years as Fire Captain. He saved countless lives and was a hero to many. During his career he received many accolades for going above and beyond the call of duty. He truly went about doing good.
With 5 kids “The Allen’s House” was always filled with friends and fun. Dad gave infamous nicknames to many, if you were special, you even got a theme song. Dad was a fantastic entertainer, he had a talent for storytelling, jokes, singing, and acting. He had a powerful voice and used it for announcing, auctioneering, commentating and much more. Dad was a legendary big game hunter and expert outdoorsman. In 1991 Dad finally found his Disney doppelganger, “Gaston” from Beauty and the Beast. His trophy room rivals that of Gaston’s hunting lodge, but better. He had the skills of a professional guide and tracker. Using these gifts, he guided and lead many people on countless hunting expeditions.
It’s true Dad was a mountain of a man and larger than life, but he was also a sweet and tender man. He could paint the littlest of fingernails with precision. He mastered ponytails, blow-drying, and bows. He never met a stranger; he was a collector of people and made deep and lifelong friendships with people from all walks of life. He loved and cared for his friends on a level that exceeds most. He was genuine in their interests, successes, and losses. He was a compassionate man who truly loved and served his family, friends, and community.
Dad and Mom spent 25 fun years together, raising kids and continuing to raise themselves as well. He was a terrific provider and taught his kids by example the value of hard-work, independence, self-reliance and to enjoy the human experience. Ask any of us and we will tell you we had the best childhood of anyone we know. In 2000 Dad became Papa when Taylee was born. Over the past two decades he has loved being Papa to Pierson, Madi, Jensen, Watson, Bennett, Macy, Jackson, Hannah, Bowen and Emery.
In 2001 Dad and Mom divorced, just 10 months later, October 1st 2002, our Mom tragically died in a car accident. Our Dad’s heart broke with ours!
In 2005 Dad married Susan Calton and he loved her 4 kids;Alex, Katie, Sam and Jack Hall as his own. Together, Dad and Susan have spent the last 17 years exploring, hunting, and traveling. Susan brought Dad so much of what he needed in his life; we are grateful for their companionship.
We thought Dad was invincible, he endured many things in his lifetime that would have killed a “normal man.” He was so strong, brave, accepting, loving, and kind to all. He was conservative and believed strongly in local government and preservation of old-fashioned values. Dad graduated from this mortal life doing what he loved. He and Susan were hunting in the east mountains of Huntsville when he suffered an aortic rupture. We are so grateful he didn’t suffer, and we know he was eagerly greeted by his parents, his sister Jolene, and many other friends and family members.
Dad, you are an unforgettable man, we love you and miss you every day. We look forward to the day that we will be able to run into your arms for a big hug!
Much Love,
Amos, Ginger, Josie, Kate and Trit
Please join our family in a celebration of Dad’s life. Saturday, November 5th. 5-8 pm. Snowbasin Resort, Huntsville, Utah.