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Letter from Mayor Sorensen regarding Sandbags and Water


Huntsville Residents,


We, along with Weber County, are monitoring the potential for flooding in and around Huntsville.  We feel lucky that we are somewhat protected, due to our elevation, from most rivers, streams, and tributaries.   However, with the deep snow and the possibility of rain, coupled with snowmelt, the possibility exists for basement flooding, and we want to offer some suggestions to help mitigate sheet-flow flooding.


For residents with lots of snow around their homes, it is advisable to clear an area from foundation/walls of home to 3 to 5’ to allow a defensible space so that soil can get as dry as possible to allow better drainage and absorption into the ground further away from the house.  If you are near rivers and stream or in flood plains, this will also give better sandbag success when the time comes and to give a path for water to go, as opposed to into their homes.


The county will likely put out sand and sandbags in the following locations for residents to fill up for their needs:

  • Upper Valley County Shops
  • The Alaskan Inn in the Ogden Canyon


Depending on needs as the situation unfolds, sand and bags may also be available at the LDS ward buildings.


Priority for sandbags are for those residents near rivers, streams, and in flood plains.


Sandbags break down in 4-5 days if exposed to the elements, so they are not planning to have a large stockpile of prefilled bags. 


Sandbag training


Weber County will host a sandbag training session on March 16.  If you are interested in volunteering to help either fill sandbags or place sandbags around potential flooding areas throughout the Ogden Valley or lower valley, please contact Bruce Ahlstrom @ 801-791-8473.




Typical insurance policies do not include coverage for flooding.   If you believe you have a risk for flooding, then you may want to look into a flooding insurance policy.


Snow on roofs and structures


The snow is very deep and heavy.  If we receive rain, the snow load could become excessive, and we recommend that you proactively remove the snow to prevent your buildings from caving in.


We have been blessed with a great snow year with lots of moisture.  Now we hope the snowpack melts slowly.


Have a great weekend.  Thanks for being great neighbors.


Best regards,


Richard Sorensen

Mayor of Huntsville Town