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Storm and Flooding Update


Lisa Swartz Gosline, Weber County Emergency Manager, sent out the following message about possible flooding and sandbag availability in the Ogden Valley.  None of Huntsville Town Is in a designated flood plain, and the priority for sandbags should be for those who face possible flooding in those flood plains.  We are sharing this information to keep residents informed so we can be of assistance to our valley neighbors if the need arises. The sandbags that are becoming available are exclusively for Ogden Valley Residents at this time.

In the last 24 hours, we have had residents of Huntsville Town reach out and report that they are experiencing water in their basements. Please check your basements. If sandbags are needed to prevent damage, we would encourage the use of the following resource. In addition, Weber County has advised that residents should clear the areas of snow around their homes and check their sump pumps. 

Message from Weber County:

Based on the current forecast, and rain rate predictions from the National Weather Service, we can anticipate a heightened risk of moderate nuisance flooding in the upper valley on Wednesday. This risk has a primary impact to residents in downslope drainages with daylight basements, or downhill driveways which lead to the home (North East facing areas of Nordic Valley, and South facing drainages below North Fork Park). Currently the storm forecast in total shows less total rainfall for the 24-48 hour period, however the hourly rate of rainfall predicted exceeds last Friday/Saturday storm event.

As such we will open up a sandbag filling area at the Eden Shops for residents who feel the need to prepare for this storm. We do not anticipate a need for a large volunteer effort or filling large quantities of bags, primarily due to the enormous effort that Joe’s folks at the roads department have put in clearing drainages and providing areas for water to move.  As the forecast get more defined as far as timing, temperatures, and hourly rates we will adjust or planning efforts accordingly.