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Winter Parking at Cemetery Point


Hello Residents and Lovers of Winter Recreation!

Huntsville Town has been experiencing heavy traffic and parking at Cemetery Point. The gate to the large beach parking at Cemetery Point has been open during the Winter in prior years. Due to a change in Forest Service vendors, the gate to this parking lot is currently locked and no parking is allowed in the beach area. 

The Town Council has approached the Forest Service and they are unable to accommodate the desire of the Town Council to open the gate. This has impacted parking on the main road and in Huntsville Cemetery. There are now safety and access concerns at Cemetery Point due to the popularity of winter recreation and lack of available parking.

After discussion with the Weber County Sheriff, the Town Council has decided to enforce the no parking signs on the road to the Cemetery. We recognize that in the past weeks parking on the road has not been enforced as we have been working to resolve this issue. We wanted to make all residents and visitors aware that the no parking zones on the main road will now be enforced and tickets will be issued. The no parking area is clearly marked.

Residents parking passes are not valid in these areas in any season. Please be aware that you can receive a parking ticket if you are a resident of Huntsville Town and parking in the area of 100 South at Cemetery Point, even if you have a pass.

Parking enforcement will be by the Weber County Sheriff's Department.