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CERT Training for Huntsville Residents


The Following is an invitation from our CERT leader, Bruce Ahlstrom, regarding training:


Huntsville Residents,


To better be prepared for emergency situations, Huntsville Town has reviewed, expanded, and updated its Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program.  New neighborhood block captains have been recruited and are currently going through the CERT training.  The training involves an online portion that takes at least 12 hours and then 4 nights of in-person training.  We would like to invite any residents to also go through the CERT training.  When everyone has completed the online portion and COVID restrictions allow, we would like to set up the in-person portion of the training here in Huntsville.


The online portion is free but there is a fee to take the in-person portion.  We believe it will be about $35.  It is excellent training full of information that would be very valuable for anyone.


Here are the links to do the training: