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Changes in the Public Noticing Statute


This is the last email for today....I promise.

I wanted to make you aware that at the last Utah State legislative session many of the public noticing standards with regards to noticing in a newspaper were changed. SB201 Public Notice Amendments sponsored by Senator Karen Mayne and Floor Sponsor Joel Ferry, passed during the 2021 Legislative session.  The bill eseentially eliminates the requirements to publish certain notices in a newspaper and on a specified legal notice web site. It does require notices by posted on the Utah Public Notice Website. In addition, it requires the Division of Archives and Records Service to allow newspapers to request and automatically receive a feed of postings to the Utah Public Notice Website. 

If you have relied on newspapers for your public hearing notices, I wanted to make you aware that we will be publishing on our website and the Utah Public Notice Website (which you can subscribe to - the link is on our website at www.huntsvilletown.com). We will also continue to post hard copies of the agendas and notices on the front of Town Hall and the lobby of the Huntsville Post Office. If you have any questions, you are welcome to call the Town Hall at 801-745-3420. Thanks!