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Scholarship Opportunity


It’s Ogden-Weber Technical College’s 50th Anniversary. President Jim Taggart and Development Director Brynn Murdock are going to make a brief presentation at the September 2, 2021, Huntsville Town Council meeting as part of their celebration..  


As part of the presentation, President Taggart and Ms. Murdock will announce the “50th Anniversary Community Scholarship” which is an opportunity for the college to thank its community and municipal partners for their support since the college opened in 1971.


In honor of our 50 years, Ogden -Weber Technical College wants to reinvest in a community member from each municipality by providing a half-year scholarship ($1,000 value).


The Huntsville Town Council working to identify a hardworking, valuable resident of Huntsville, Eden or Liberty to receive the scholarship. The scholarship will give them the opportunity to upskill and retool by receiving a certificate from one of our 32 employment categories in five areas:  Health, Construction, Manufacturing, Services, and Business and Computer Technology. The only qualifications are that the resident must be over the age of 18 and currently enrolled at OTech or would like to further their education at OTech.


If you are interested in applying for this scholarship opportunity, please send a letter telling us what program at OTech you are participating in or would like to participate in. The letter must be less than 500 words and describe why you would be a good candidate for this scholarship opportunity and how the scholarship could help you. Please include anything that might show us what a hardworking and valuable Valley resident you are. Submissions must be mailed to Huntsville Town, Attn: Town Council Scholarship Opportunity, P.O. Box 267, Huntsville, Utah 84317.  Letters must be received by August 23rd, 2021.