Disclaimer:Ordinances are in the process of being updated on this web site. While most are accurate, others will be updated in coming weeks. An up-to-date copy of the ordinances is available at the Town Hall

Huntsville Town General Plan

Sheriff’s Summary of Huntsville Town Ordinances

Annexation Policy 2013

  1. Cemetary plot fees
  2. Moratorium on Accessory Buildings 2018-11-01
  3. Zoning Map Amendment 2018-10-4-E
  4. Moratorium on Time Shares and Shared Ownership 2018-12-6
  5. Appointment of Treasurer
  6. Appointment of Land Use Coordinator
  7. Agreement for Independent Contractor 2019-1-17-A
  8. Rules of Procedures 2019-1-17-B
  9. Lifting Moratorium on Out-of-Town Culinary Water Connections 2019-1-17-C
  10. Zoning Map Amendment 2018-10-4-D
  11. Additions & Enlargement Non-Complying Buildings 2019-1-24
  12. Coverage Regulations 2019-2-28
  13. Side Yard Regulations 2019-3-28
  14. Parcel Consolidations and Boundary Line Adjustment Ord #2019-04-25
  15. Lifting of Moratorium on Shared Ownership 2019-04-18

Resolution of intent for Annexation
Posted January 9, 2014
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Resolution to set Business License Fees
Posted January 9, 2014
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