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Job Opportunity at Cemetery Point


Hello Residents,


As you are well aware our Town has been busy this summer. The traffic has increased significantly to Pineview. The recreation company who runs Cemetery Point has been...

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Weber CARES Grant for Businesses


Huntsville is participating in the Weber County Relief Grant for small businesses. If you are a business that has experienced loss of revenue due to public health orders in response to COVID-19,...

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Dogs at Large


***Attention Residents***

There have been increased incidents and complaints about dogs at large in our neighborhoods. We recognize some of these dogs have come from out of Town. However, we also...

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Recent Legislation on Culinary Water Rates


The Town Council passed Resolution 2020-6-4-A in June that increased the amount of water usage allowed in the base rate to 7,000 gallons. This was done after the water committee was presented with...

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Weber County Sheriff's Office Ongoing Community Survey


The Weber County Sheriff's Office has put together an ongoing community survey. With this survey, they can measure the quality of the service they provide, gauge community satisfaction and use the...

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Recycling Schedule for 2020


The recycling dates and guidelines for 2020 can be found HERE

Please make note of the changes. Thank you!

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Ordinance Update - Prohibiting Manned Aircraft


In December, the Town Council passed an Ordinance prohibiting manned aircraft from taking off and landing in Huntsville Town. The Ordinance applies to but not limited to hot air balloons,...

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Huntsville Town Park Reservations are now available during the month of January. The general public are invited to reserve starting in February. If you are interested in renting a pavilion any...

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