• Dog License program – arrange to contact every homeowner to have them license their dogs. May involve arranging a pet vaccination day that could be in conjunction with the County Animal control.
  • Septic Pumping Program: Contact pumping companies to get a group rate for pumping, letter to residents informing them of the program, contact the residents. In essence, get a good rate, then set a day or two where a pumping company would come up and pump our septic tanks.
  • Benches for park, cemetery, and School property – Scout master Peter Bieknek has worked with his scouts to make incredible benches. We have 4 that could be used as a template, and we could use many more.
  • Fencing projects at landfill and park.
  • Dyers woad eradication at landfill and perhaps throughout town – arrange a clean up day, solicit volunteers and clean up the dyers woad. Would need to be done during Dyers Woad Season.
  • Stain/paint buildings in the park.
  • Help to install water meters in town this summer.  Could involve organizing volunteers, contacting residents to notify them of the planned construction, etc.
  • Signage, water fountain/hydrant, and other miscellaneous projects in the new park area on the Valley school property.
  • Cemetery survey markers that would need to be buried in concrete.

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