Dear Huntsville Town, 

We are reaching out in an effort to remind, as well as educate residents about proper usage and placement of their residential cans. We have created an educational flyer that we would love to see included in Huntsville Town’s next newsletter.  

Addressed in this flyer are the two biggest issues we come across regularly; overloading and placing cans too close to each other, or other objects.  

When cans are overloaded, it prevents the contents of the can from properly emptying. Because the can is approximately 3 ½ feet tall, and the hopper of the truck (where the can’s contents are dumped) is approximately 4 feet tall, the overloaded contents have nowhere to go, but instead get packed further into the can. At this point, one of two things will occur. Either the contents stay in the can and don’t get emptied, or they fall out and make a mess on the street as the can is lowered back down.  

When cans are placed too close to each other, or other objects, the arm of the truck cannot safely extend to grab the can, or it cannot safely maneuver the can. The driver then runs the risk of either damaging property, or knocking over cans, which would then create a mess on the street.  

As you can see, it is crucial that residents do not overfill their cans, and that they space cans the proper distance from each other, and other objects. This will go a long way in ensuring that residents are happy with the service that they receive from us. 

Would you kindly let us know how often your newsletters are sent out, or when the next one will be sent out? We would love to see this flyer included in the next one, if possible. We also think it would be worthwhile to post on your website or social media accounts as well. That way residents have as much opportunity as possible to see it.  

We have also attached several photos of actual residential cans that we have encountered that show various examples of these same issues. We are hoping that by educating residents via this flyer, this will become a less common occurrence on our routes.  



Econo Waste, Inc. 



Econo Waste, Inc.

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