Huntsville Fire District Station 65
Physical Address Weber Fire District
Station 65
7925 East 500 South
Huntsville, UT 84317
Dial 911 for Emergencies!

Town Council Rep: Jim Truett

Fire Truck

WFD Open House

Huntsville Town is a member of the Weber Fire District.  Weber Fire District was created as a special service area in 1982 by the Weber County Commissioners. Prior to it’s creation the department was known as the Weber County Fire Department.  The District provides emergency fire and medical services to all of the unincorporated areas of Weber County, and the incorporated cities of Farr West, Hooper, Huntsville, Marriott-Slaterville and West Haven.  The District covers a geographical area of approximately 511 square miles of land area with a population of 26,000.

The primary goal of the Weber Fire District is to save lives . We are convinced that smoke detectors are the single most important appliance in the home.  Having at least one properly placed, regularly tested and maintained smoke detector on each level of the home cuts the chance of dying in half if there is a fire in your home.  Smoke detectors are reliable for ten years and then they should be replaced.

If you experience a small fire in your home, call the Fire Department and have them respond, even if the fire has already been distinguished . Insurance companies may not pay for damage caused by a fire if a report has not been filed with the Fire Department.

Make sure that your house number is clearly visible on the front of your home.  During the winter months, when snow covers the roadways, it is difficult to see mailboxes or yard address markers.  A number on the front of the house, where it is easily seen, could provide a quicker emergency response time.

Each year, Weber County residents are allowed a brief time to burn yard and garden waste and irrigation ditches.
The burning period for Upper Valley residents is from mid April though mid May.

Permits may be obtained from:
Huntsville Fire Station
7925 East 500 South
Huntsville, UT 84317
Eden Fire Station
5551 East 2200 North
Eden, UT 84310
(801) 745-2315

Protecting Ogden Valley and the Town of Huntsville.
Regular business hours, Monday-Friday and Saturdays from 8:00 am until noon

The written permit identifies the products that may be burned and general safety requirements. The permits authorize permit holder to start and maintain a fire under prescribed conditions and serve as a notification of intent to burn. The permit does not relieve an individual from liability due to damages should the fire escape control. Permits are issued for agricultural type products and growing vegetation only and include the following:

  • Burning of weed growth along ditch banks incident to clearing for irrigation purposes
  • Burning of weeds and brush along fence lines
  • Burning of stubble
  • Burning of leaves
  • Burning of prunings from trees, bushed, and plants.

Permits may not be issued for:

  • Burning of trees
  • Burning of trash
  • Burning of garbage
  • Burning of waste
  • Burning of lumber
  • Burning of tires and oil-based products


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