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Thanks to Sam Crump who generously shared these beautiful photos of Huntsville Town with us!


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****Attention boaters and beach goers****** We understand that many people have been finding their way to Pineview Reservior as a way to recreate and social distance this year. We want you to enjoy the place that residents enjoy year round. However, please realize parking and space are at a premium. Please understand that lake access is difficult on busy days. Most weekends the population at the lake for boats and beach goers (Port Ramp, Cemetery Point, and Anderson Cove) reaches capcity by 10 a.m. When capcity is reached, the beaches and boat ramps will close. There is no "space saving" at Pineview. That means, if you have family members or friends that came ahead of you and "saved" you a parking space, it will not be honored by the vendors. There will be no admittance after capacity is reached. Please know that parking west of 7300 East in Huntsville Town is prohibited. Thank you for your consideration. 




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Job Opportunity at Cemetery Point


Hello Residents,


As you are well aware our Town has been busy this summer. The traffic has increased significantly to Pineview. The recreation company who runs Cemetery Point has been understaffed all summer. They are still looking for temporary...

Weber CARES Grant for Businesses


Huntsville is participating in the Weber County Relief Grant for small businesses. If you are a business that has experienced loss of revenue due to public health orders in response to COVID-19, you may be eligible to apply for the Weber County CARES Grant...

Dogs at Large


***Attention Residents***

There have been increased incidents and complaints about dogs at large in our neighborhoods. We recognize some of these dogs have come from out of Town. However, we also recognize we could be doing a better job tending to our...