Secondary Water

Secondary Water is available to all residents of Huntsville Town. At least two secondary shares are required per lot. Secondary water fees are billed with the monthly water bill, yearly in the month of June. Secondary water usage is regulated based on current conditions and residents will be notified of restrictions and changes. Secondary Irrigation is seasonal, in the summer months, and start/stop days will vary from year to year. Please see Recent Events and subscride to this website for the most up to date inforamtion on Secondary water as well as other Town information. 


2022 Seconday Water Update:

Hello Residents!

The Town Office has had multiple questions about water availablity and restrictions. Many of us have not ever seen Pineview so low and we are hoping and praying for additional moisture to combat the drought. The Huntsville Waterworks Board met in their annual meeting last week. Here is information regarding secondary water availability and restrictions. 

The estimated date to turn on secondary water is May 1st. 

Residents may water every other day. If you have an odd address, please water on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you have an even address, please water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Please DO NOT water on SUNDAY. You should not be watering lawns and gardens for continuous days. 

Please be assured that officials for Huntsville Waterworks will be monitoring our water levels. There may be adjustments along the way. Please follow and abide by the watering restrictions. It is our hope that we can make it through the season without running out of water. This will take everyone abiding by the rules set by our secondary water company.