The Utah State law requires every community to adopt a general plan that states the present and future needs of a town and plans for the growth and development on the lands within that town. This general plan outlines the objectives selected for guiding Huntsville Town’s future development. In this regard, it reflects the present and predicted future needs and desires of the residents of Huntsville as expressed in a comprehensive survey in regards to the community’s growth and development of its land.

To view entire General Plan, click here (pdf)

Vision Statement for Huntsville Town

Huntsville Town residents enjoy a low population density, outdoor influenced, mountain country lifestyle conducive to raising families and fostering positive community spirit. Huntsville Town residents realize that growth is taking place all through Ogden Valley, including the immediate vicinity of the Town. We welcome the diversity that new residents offer the Town, but are desirous of maintaining our high quality lifestyle by managing and shaping our future growth in a way that preserves and hopefully enhances this lifestyle.

To view Annexation Policy , click here (pdf)


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