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Ogden Valley Skatepark Advocacy Group Information


Dear Huntsville Town, 
    The Ogden Valley Skatepark Advocacy Group (OVSAG) is inviting you to join the already 600+ signatures in favor of a skatepark in the Ogden Valley. Working closely with Town, county leaders and Ogden Valley Parks Service Area, OVSAG is seeking to bring a skatepark to the Valley following a smart-growth model for development: OVSAG seeks to use the existing parks' footprint in under-utilized areas of the park to provide a safe environment for kids (and adults) to scooter, bike ride, and skateboard. 
   The OVSAG is a group of individuals from varying backgrounds, from business owners to teachers, who live and recreate in the Ogden Valley and have an extreme interest in preserving and beautifying Ogden Valley. Some have grown up here, others have family ties which extend back many years, while others have moved in more than 20 years ago. 
   If you have not already signed a petition or interest form, please consider filling this out by clicking on this link