Town Council RepMax Ferre

Maintenance – Wayne Hadley 801-745-4620
Snowplow drivers- Gary Probasco and Jake Dangerfield

Emergency contact numbers:
Road Issues
Doug Allen——801-791-5066
Wayne Hadley——801-866-9396
Gary Probasco—801-791-9335

Huntsville roads have been improved thanks to a state grant. Bad spots along 1st street roadway have been covered with asphalt, in addition guard rails have been upgraded for the safety of drivers. The concrete road to cemetery point was roughly 80 ft long. Narrow areas have been widened by 2 ft on each side of this concrete road and have been overlaid with asphalt. On July eighteenth 1st street will receive a chip seal from high way 39 to the cemetery point. Mayor Truett would like to thank Rex Harris and Max Ferre for helping Huntsville obtain the state grant. In addition to the grant the town used B&C road funds, and also used tolls received from toll collections at cemetery point marina.

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