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Petition for Incorporation Feasibility Study


This message is for residents who reside in the Ogden Valley and not in Huntsville Town Incorporated

To The Ogden Valley Community:


The Ogden Valley team working on the potential for Ogden Valley to incorporate requested the petition be distributed for the first phase of the incorporation process as defined by the State of Utah.  This first phase is simply to have a feasibility study completed by a 3rd party, paid for by the State of Utah, that will determine if it is financially viable for Ogden Valley to incorporate.


The petition form is attached to this email and it is very important to include the parcel number of any parcels you may own in Ogden Valley that are within the unincorporated areas.  If you own more than one parcel, then each parcel number and your signature must be entered on a separate line on the form.  


There are 2 drop boxes in Valley Market to deposit your completed petition forms as well as more copies of the petition form. 


Please feel free to forward the attached petition form to your neighbors and related communities.  Return of the signed petition forms is requested as soon as possible.