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February Mayor's Message


Snowplowing Update

We have been blessed with a great snow year with snow accumulation near 200% of normal, and we hope the trend continues. Despite the Herculean efforts of our snow plow drivers, who work tirelessly, day and night, on weekends, holidays, and every other day, there comes a time when we simply have to call “uncle.”

During and after a snowstorm, the plow drivers initially focus on the primary arteries, then gradually expand the area to tackle the side streets and less used streets. They must drive a fine line to clear an adequate path, while avoiding damage to lawn and other landscape features, mailboxes, vehicles, and garbage cans.

As temperatures rise, then decrease, the snowbanks solidify, making it next to impossible to move and make room for additional snow. Add in some rain, and the snowbanks are in place until the Easter Bunny arrives. The roads become narrow and drivers must be patient and cautious as they navigate the streets of Snowtown.

We have reached out to Weber County, and they generously offered their assistance in widening our roads, so we should be well prepared for the second half of winter.

Garbage cans and snowplows

We are seeing a trend of garbage cans being left roadside for many days, or even weeks. Not only is it unsightly, but it creates problems for snowplowing. We ask that you ensure that your garbage cans are brought in promptly after trash pickup on Mondays.

If you have a second home or are out of town on vacation, perhaps you could reach out to a neighbor to help put out and retrieve your cans. From a security standpoint, garbage cans left in front of a home are a good sign to burglars and vandals that no one is home.

Town Hall/Community Center Fundraising

Thanks to the hard work, dedication, and creativity of many individuals, we are well on our way to reaching our goal of $2,000,000 for the construction of our new town hall and community center.

We are patiently, but anxiously, waiting to see if we are successful in our request for funds from the Weber County RAMP (Recreation, Arts, Museums and Parks) grant. RAMP is a local program funded by a small percentage of sales tax collected in Weber County. Collaboration with residents and other entities is a key component to having a project funded and selected by the RAMP committee.

To that end, we are in need of donors to help put us over the top. Please keep our project in mind for your 2023 donations. Checks can be written to Huntsville Town with “Community Center Donation” in the subject line.

Heavy Snow

We have had a great snow year. Many of our storms have had a high water content resulting in heavy snow. This is perfect for filling up Pineview, but not so good on your buildings. If you

have sheds or outbuildings, you may want to think about removing the snow from the roofs. While they may be okay now, another wet storm could be too much.

Town Email List

Every few months, I like to remind our residents about our town email list. When news is listed on our website, an automatic email is sent out to our email list. It is the best way to stay up to date. Those on our email list have been forewarned about snowplow updates, water and power outages, our Winter Carnival, and much more.

Please visit HuntsvilleTown.com then click on “Subscribe” in the middle of the home page.

That’s all for now, thanks for being great residents and neighbors, and for making Huntsville a wonderful place to grow up, and grow old.