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Dogs at Large


***Attention Residents***

There have been increased incidents and complaints about dogs at large in our neighborhoods. We recognize some of these dogs have come from out of Town. However, we also recognize we could be doing a better job tending to our dogs. Our Town Ordinance defines animals at large as the following:


Animals at Large – an animal shall be considered to be “at large” when it is off the owner’s property and not under immediate control, by means of a durable restraint device, capable of keeping the animal restrained; or an animal that is on the property of the owner and not securely confined by a leash, building, fenced area, or appropriate transport device.


We have met with Animal Control and wanted to let residents know that enforcement will be increased. Any dogs running loose in Huntsville Town will be picked up by Animal Control and the owners will be cited. If you see dogs running loose in Huntsville Town, please call Weber County Sheriff’s Dispatch (non-emergent line) at 801-395-8221. As part of increased enforcement, Huntsville Town will pass on video or pictures related to dogs at large. These pictures or videos can be submitted to clerk@huntsvilletown.com. The pictures will be passed on to Animal Control for investigation. Please read the following Huntsville Code regarding Animals at Large:


1.5.8 Animals at Large Prohibited It shall be unlawful for any animal, as defined herein, to be allowed, either negligently or with specific intent, to run at large… However, dogs may be at large while participating in field trials and obedience classes organized and sanctioned by recognized dog clubs, while assisting their owner or trainer in legal hunting or in herding of livestock, while assisting a peace officer engaged in law enforcement duties, or while being trained for the above purposes, or while on the owner’s private property, so long as such dogs are under the direct and effective sound or gesture control, and within sight of owners or such individuals noted above, to assure that such animals do not violate any provisions of this Title.